Company Information

Established in 2007, Above All Home Care was created out of our own experience, and a determination that there has to be a better way to provide assistance for the house-bound.

When Mary & her family attempted to find someone to take care of their elderly parents, they found the choices frustrating and limited.  Their parents wanted to maintain their independence at home as long as possible and avoid going into a nursing home. Care-giver agencies available at the time operated more like referral services, so the family had to shoulder the responsibilities for advertising for care-givers, screening applicants, paying taxes as required by law and finding replacements if the care-giver called in sick.

This process was exhausting.  Unfortunately, the family encountered some frightening and serious consequences for hiring a care-giver that was not a legal US citizen.  After disturbing experiences, the family realized the importance of hiring a Company that provides Liability Insurance to their clients.  Although the cost was a bit higher, they all agreed that their parents safety was the priority and worth the peace of mind.

Above All Home Care takes those worries off your shoulders.

Mary also visited many hospitals and nursing homes during this time, and developed a passion for being with the elderly.  She continued visiting and soon the desire to help became the career she wanted to pursue.  She gave up working at the fiance company she & her husband owned to open Above All Home Care, Inc.

Jeannie has much experience in administration and inside sales, as well as managing a successful art business and floral business.  Having her elderly mother move into her home from the nursing home, gave Jeannie first hand experiences of the challenges families face with their loved ones in the golden years.

Mary & Jeannie have known each other for almost 30 years and have mutual respect for one another and the skills each bring to Above All Home Care.  They compliment one another and work well together. Dedication to providing their clients with the best care-giver service around is important.  By reason of their own experience, they understand and stay in frequent contact with the client, family and care-givers through regular visits.

The combination of their skills has produced a company of the highest quality.  They pride themselves on providing superior care.